Breaking down barriers

to build up people

What I Stand For

Working on the front line in both healthcare and education has opened my eyes to the best and worst parts of our communities. I have sat at the bedside of those who have overdosed and are fighting for their lives from Opioids and other harmful substances. I have held mothers who have lost children to suicide, counseled men and women who are in crisis after a job loss or financial disaster and listened while aging patients who can’t afford their medications describe feeling hopeless and afraid. In the presence of this pain I have also witnessed compassionate physicians, nurses, EMTs, social workers, clergy and countless others nurture, heal and support our suffering.

When Pillowtex closed its doors in 2003, I welcomed displaced workers into my classroom at RCCC as they embarked on the journey of retooling for a new workforce. Fear, loneliness, insecurity and  abandonment were common feelings my students shared. In those moments of vulnerability I became coach, teacher, and cheerleader. The courage my students displayed continues to give me inspiration. I proudly watched our community leaders in Cabarrus and Rowan Counties and the faculty of RCCC band together to create opportunities for growth for those left behind by the closing of the mills.

Although our efforts have come from a genuine place of service to the people of our community we have not met the needs of all people. We all deserve quality affordable healthcare, top notch public education, skills training for competitive jobs and wages that support families and promote growth and prosperity. We must become good stewards of the earth and ensure clean air, water and pristine public land. We deserve respect, equality and freedom to live our best lives regardless of race, creed, gender, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status. We need a new path forward. I sincerely hope you will join me in creating positive change for the people of NC District 83 as well as all North Carolinians across this beautiful state.

Job Opportunity

There is nothing more central to a good quality of life than being able to provide for our families. Skills training, retooling after job loss and second chance programs to allow those exiting the penal system to return to work are essential to a prosperous community.


I am the product of the public school system and so are my children. Promoting hands on learning, technical skills training and exposure to multiple education and career paths allows our youth to grow their competency as they plan for their future careers.


I believe that no one who works hard and plays by the rules should have to choose between their life and their life savings. Healthy people are free people and we need to break down the healthcare barriers that are currently holding our people back.